Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We remember ads & cartoons. Not public policy.

It’s not surprising that we remember advertising tag lines and cartoon characters more than public policy issues.

Advertising relies on catchy phrases and jingles.

Cartoons rely on color and fast-moving images.

Policy policy and history? Long, archaic language like “redress.”

That’s why a recent poll* found that:
We know more about “The Simpsons” than First Admendment freedoms.

Which are the freedom of:
Speech, Religion, Meetings and Political Rallies, Media and Being
Able to Sue or Appeal a Judgment and Get Money.

The medium is the message.

But, the medium has to grab our attention for us to remember the content.

Despite blogging, we are moving out of the age of print and into the age of pictures.

That’s why newspapers, magazines and the Internet rely on short sentences, short paragraphs and simple language.

We don’t have the time or patience for anything else.

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* Study for the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum. Telephone survey of 1,000 adults conducted 1/20/06 to 1/22/06 by Synovate, a research firm with margin of error 3 percent.