Monday, March 23, 2015

Why PR has more value than advertising

When businesses advertise, they get to say what they want when they want it.  

While some outlets will run releases word-for-word, when using PR, businesses have to rely on the media itself to tell their story with public relations.

Because it’s harder to get and it isn’t paid for directly, publicity has a higher value than advertising.

A news story that runs for 17 seconds on local TV with an audience of 112,359 has a publicity value of $4,250.

That same story only has an advertising value of $1,417.

A 45-second story on the same station can generate $11,250 worth of publicity each time it runs.

One of our stories that ran on the evening to the morning news generated as much as $52,922 in publicity.

Even a four paragraph story in The Sacramento Bee has generated new clients and increased sales for one of our clients. 

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