Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to help creativity and complex thinking along

Many people don’t realize the creative process uses two different brain states at once.

To pull ideas from different parts of the brain, the mind has to couple the slow-wave theta state—a dreamy, browsing pattern where related fragments  float around—with a rapid gamma state that organizes disparate information into a coherent whole. 

It may seem like ideas are generated while resting or even sleeping, but the brain actually kicks into the fast-processing gamma state for that “ah-ha” moment. 

We can encourage this creativity and complex thinking by setting up a steady beat that stabilizes theta while attracting gamma. 

If I’m stuck for a word, I walk around, think “sounds like” and let the word associations run until the one I want clicks into place.

The associations rarely sound like the word itself, but somehow the process brings the word into conscious awareness.

You also can tap or snap your fingers, make a clicking sound or pace. 

Which is why getting a drink of water can help people think of a name to go with a face that is not immediately apparent.* 

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*Information on brain processing taken from neuro-science pioneer Dee Joy Coulter presentation.