Thursday, November 08, 2007

Why PR is so valuable

Because most businesses don’t know about it, PR is one of the least used marketing tools today.

The ones that do put it at the top of their budget.

Recent research for the American Advertising Federation showed that PR was ranked third, right behind product development and strategic planning by 1,800 corporate executives surveyed.

That’s why the Ag Dept. sponsors wine writers’ visiting U.S. wineries.

They know that a $40,000 junket for a reporter and entourage can result in $160,000 worth of coverage in GQ Japan.

Think about it: A small ad (6” or so) in the Wall Street Journal can cost $15,000 or more.

Which nobody takes seriously because they know it was paid for.

If it were a six-inch—or longer—article in the WSJ, how much more would that be worth?

Many times more.

Don’t think it can’t be done.

A study by the Columbia School of Journalism showed that 45 percent of the editorial material of the WSJ is placed by PR people.

With public relations, you don’t pay for the space.

You pay for the person who gets the articles into the media.

That’s why PR is so valuable: No one knows you paid for it.

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