Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tips on giving exclusives

As a PR firm, we give exclusives to the media when we have to.  

But we recently got a client who had arranged an article that went hand-in-hand with advertising they didn’t tell us about. 

Just before our placed article was going to be published, the client’s own article came out from a competing publication.   

As a result, our reporter held her article so it wouldn’t look like she had just reworked a rival’s story.   

While exclusives can be pretty casual, it doesn’t hurt to lay out guidelines with everyone involved.   

Always explain the use of exclusives and the planned strategy carefully to the client to make sure they understand they can’t approach the media on their own.  

Even if you already asked, double-check what advertising and articles they've done on their own once you explain the strategy of using exclusives.  

Always work with journalists to get a publication date that includes other reporters being given access afterwards. 

Working that way, you can set up a series of media hits for maximum publicity on the client in the time you want.  

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