Thursday, November 19, 2009

Public relations works because...

Because story ideas go through an editor, reporter or producer before they are used, those news and feature stories become more objective than advertising or marketing.

As a result, people still trust the media. Despite the hoopla about bias and negativity, media publicity is the most credible type of exposure available today.

Because of this, public relations can:

* Gain recognition for you and your firm as an expert in the field—or the best choice in a crowded world of products.

* Introduce, educate and inform people about your experience, your company’s services or products in a more believable manner than other marketing.

* Reinforce relationships with customers, clients and patients through the media’s third-party endorsement.

* Create word-of-mouth. People talk about what they see and hear through the media.

* Maximize your marketing and other networking.

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