Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Admitting our part made situation easier

No one wants to be wrong, yet we all make mistakes.

We’ve had what’s known as “uncontrolled clients” in the past and we’ll probably have them again.  

Once this client has talked to a reporter, they feel they have the right to make contact from then on.   

But once a PR firm is brought into the mix, reporters expect to work with the firm—unless they contact the person themselves.

A client recently told us a reporter wasn’t responding to their emails asking how to embed the reporter’s story on their website.  

Since most media is copyright, this usually isn’t allowed.

Even if it were, it’s not the reporter’s job; once the reporter does a story, their job is done.

Since it was our fault for not being more explicit about the unwritten rules, it was easier to say please let us handle the media next time—it’s what we’re here for—and what the media expect.

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