Wednesday, June 19, 2013

PR lasts forever....

A few years after I started doing public relations, a client called to say he’d just made a sale from an article we placed more than a year earlier.

Because people think the media only uses experts, they often save articles until they are ready for a service or product.

Even though we tell clients that being in the media has enormous credibility, it doesn’t always hit home until they see the lasting effect. 

Recently, we had a reporter contact us about an issue we pitched more than three years ago.

Nation’s Restaurant News finally was writing about the idea we sent.

Because they had our client as a source. the reporter now wanted to interview him for the story.

As I wrote this, a researcher from Frost & Sullivan called about the same issue, the story more important now than ever.  

A sale a year later, reporters calling years after a pitch... whether you get immediate placement or not, talking to the media has lasting value. 

So PR doesn’t last forever, it still lasts a long time—not only with the public, but with editors and reporters as well.

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