Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Work is like family" not necessarily healthy

Being like a family often is held up as a model for the work place.

Respecting co-workers, giving them freedom to do their job, feeling camaraderie is a hallmark of a good place to work. 

More often the effects of family are seen in dysfunctional employees—people who thrive on criticizing others, who want control of everyone around them, who treat gossip as the lingua franca.  

If people start reacting to co-workers as they did family members, it can create difficult and psychologically unhealthy issues.  

Unresolved issues with parents often get played out with bosses and other people in power.

If a parent had been overly critical and controlling, an employee may not be able to take feedback.  

They may react by feeling overwhelmed, saying they are unqualified, asking to change jobs.

Because of the difficulties psychological issues pose in the workplace, they are rarely talked about.   

Maybe seeing the negative aspects of family that people bring to the workplace could be a good place to start. 

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