Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Honesty is the best policy

Authentic is the new buzzword.

Sales people always have known that spending a few minutes in chit-chat pays off in closings.

The rub comes when being honest and authentic loses a gig.

I recently told a client we do event publicity for every year their event was interesting enough they could do it themselves—and save money—since they were feeling the pinch.

I did not tell them how to pitch it or give them proprietary information such as my contact’s names, phone numbers, email addresses, best time to call, etc., but they were able to get press on their own—as I knew they could, given their familiarity with the media.

A reporter recently called about a client press release. I told her that her station had done a short news story the day before even though it meant losing the second media hit—an in-depth piece she’d been planning.

I hope they remember my honesty if they have a chance to return the favor.

If not, it’s good karma, the kind that makes you hold your head high because you know you’ve done the right thing and you’ve been “real”. Most importantly, you can respect yourself.

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