Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Surprises when pitching a story

Working with a new editor, we called first to pitch a client before sending the release.

And ran up against an unusual situation—someone pretending to be a colleague of our nationally known client who wasn’t affiliated with him.

Even we explained our client was legit, the editor was less-than-impressed.

“Not likely” he said, when asked if they’d run a release.  

Though it seemed like a lost cause, we didn’t give up. 

Instead, we changed the game plan. 

We beefed up the client’s credentials, adding an article from a nationally known newspaper with a photo of the journalist and client together.  

By doing so, we made it easier for the editor to check out the client's credibility and satisfy serious concerns.

As a result, the release was published, giving the client the publicity he wanted.  

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