Thursday, December 18, 2008

The consumer makes the market

I recently donated time to a non-profit auction and gave an hour consulting to a start-up, whose main drive was philosophical.

While ideas are important, to succeed a business has to offer something people want.

As a journalist, people were always asking if I could get them in magazines or on TV.

After years of using items only if they were newsworthy, I decided to “sell out” and become a flak.

While it was an obvious choice on the one hand, I was as “snooty” as any other writer about my work.

Today, PR is changing again. Everything is online and electronic.

As a result, we followed the market.

As clients asked us to re-structure and oversee the intellectual creation and ongoing architecture of their websites, we found the people we needed to add to our roster.

Now, we do everything from the macro of branding, design and structure to the micro of font selection and coordination of information—using our experience of what works for the consumer.

The customer dictates the market.

If you want to succeed, you have to do what the market wants.

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