Monday, March 10, 2008

What we expect from websites

Today, 73 percent of us get entertainment from the Internet.

We shop, bank, watch TV on the Internet.

The web has become such a part of our lives, 65 percent of us spend more time on our computer than with our spouse.

What does that mean if you have a website?

It means it better be good.

‘Cause the competition is stiff. Not just other business, health and shopping channels, but fun.

Websites can’t be static. They have to have flash and animation, slide shows, podcasts and music.

They need to be chock full of information: facts, statistics, and perceptive ideas that are useful to the reader and easy-to-read.

Websites also need to answer the most important question: “What’s In It For Me?”

If you want the reader to stay on the site, it needs to tell the person how useful your services are to them and why.

Bios, lists of services, info about the company is important. But it won’t connect with the audience in a meaningful way.

And, in today’s world, connection is what it’s all about.

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