Thursday, June 24, 2010

Comments tell you about the person

Despite years of zip code, demographic and in-depth research on predicting behavior, a person’s reaction tells you as much about them as you.

I am often amused by facebook comments, especially recently.

I posted an item about sleeping on the porch because of out-gassing from an old paint—a perfect match for a touch-up—but alkyd-based.

There were five responses, four facebook comments and one phone call.

  • One said it sounded lovely to sleep in the open on the porch.
  • Three told me I should use water-based paint.
  • One called to offer the guest room.

Family dynamics would tell us:

  • A few romantic, child-like ones are going to sail through life, seeing the bright side and enjoying your product or services with few problems.
  • Others are going to be “parents”, no matter what their age, quick to point out flaws and make suggestions.
  • A few will be activists, offering a solution to the problem and often leading others.

How people respond to you is often as much based on a role they learned as your product or service.

It’s still valid, but it’s only one viewpoint.

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