Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Press releases need to be targeted

Prospective clients sometimes ask if we do press releases. We do, but we always ask how they want the release used.

Depending on the caller, this sometimes gets a response of “We want it sent everywhere”, the scatter-shot approach.

These days, press releases have to be targeted. Just like any other marketing, the angle has to match the recipient’s demographic and interest.

For example, the business section of daily newspapers is directed to the consumer.

Business weeklies use information business owners and executives want. They want local statistics and local sources.

Trade journals are divided into subcategories. In the restaurant industry, magazines are dedicated to fine dining or quick serve. In healthcare, magazines target executives, nurses or infection control specialists. Trade mags also are specific to geographic regions.

And that’s just the print media and radio. TV is completely different, needing visuals or “action”.

Like all other media, the Internet needs useful information, but, depending on the target audience, it also may serve as a platform for an interactive community.

Which is why there is little point in sending a press release everywhere. It doesn’t work that way anymore—if it ever did.

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