Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Using "personality" in your PR

I’ve been using “personality PR” for male clients for years because:
• We tend to think men are good at what they do, but we don’t trust them.
• You can only get so many stories on the same practice and services.

At the same time, I tend to push women’s expertise, whenever possible. We trust them, but we aren’t sure they're good what they do.

Unfortunately, women still have to prove themselves. By telling their story, the audience also gets to know them better.

I wasn’t sure about using personality PR for myself until recently. Once I tried it—and got a job from someone I hadn’t worked with in 10 years—I knew it worked.

Publicity has changed. With viral marketing and social networking, we no longer sell or even educate. We connect, create relationships—and invite people into our world.

To do so, we have to make that world as interesting as possible and be willing to share it.

It’s a huge change for professionals who are using to being their expertise. But, even hospitals have created ad campaigns about doctors’ hobbies and interests.

It’s a whole new world—one with less privacy, but a whole lot more fun.

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