Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why media prefer working with PR pros

People often ask why the media prefer working with PR people rather than the public.

When they work with PR people work, editors and producers know they’ll only get relevant information. 

They won’t have to waste time with details they don’t need or want.

If the media don't like an idea, although a PR person may give a few more details hoping to change the media’s mind, a pro would never argue.

Since the media usually uses AP Style—the PR person will send releases in that format so it can be dropped into stories verbatim.

If the media make a mistake—which journalists often do because the pressure is so fast and furious—PR people understand; they’ve often come up through the ranks and know what it’s like. 

If the gist of a story is right, a PR pro usually won’t nitpick details.

If they care about having clients as a “source”, PR people probably won’t ask for a retraction or correction, but be grateful for the time the media spent telling the client’s story.

And, if they are good at what they do, the PR pro will make sure the client understands how lucky they are to have the “free advertising” that’s called “coverage”.   

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