Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Getting WOM (Word-of-Mouth)

Thanks to the Internet, we are sophisticated consumers. But, we trust the one-to-one encounters more. That’s why word-of-mouth is at the top of the marketing pyramid.

To take advantage of this, Sony Ericsson had 60 actors ask other tourists to take their photo with their new picture-taking cell phone. The shills didn’t even have to tout new technology. All they had to do was demo it and say how cool it was. Expensive, but effective, WOM.

Without hired guns, how can you create buzz?

Become an expert. Get a reporter on your story. They will use your clients as sources and spread the word to more people than you could ever reach on your own.

Write articles, opinion pieces, guest editorials, blogs. Get help and advice from your friends, family, colleagues and clients. It will help you and will make your relationships stronger.

Set up 360 links with your website testimonials and clients. If possible, make your website interactive. Add sections for people to share information.

Put blogs, articles, opinion pieces and guest editorials on your website. Send them to prospects and clients.

Google your name. Monitor blogs and other sites for it. Update information. Correct errors. Add your two cents. Ask your circle of influence to contribute. Joining the party will be worth your while.

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