Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to really help a reporter

     Rule No. 1? Be prepared to drop everything and move fast. 
     Depending on the reporter, journalists only have a couple hours to collect everything they need and create a story.

     That means finding two to three people from differing angles to talk about the issue.

     In the case of television, it also means finding 20-plus different shots.

     Some of the still shots can be culled from the library or from the “morgue” where head shots of well-known people are kept.

     Companies can help by providing background material, including b-roll, experts in the field and people who are affected by the issue.

     While finding an expert at a company is pretty easy, coming up with a “man on the street” who isn’t at work and willing to go on camera can be a challenge.

     We’ve done this many times for our clients, but even so, it’s always a scramble.

     It’s hectic and crazed—and one of the most exciting parts of the business.

     It’s also one of the best ways to make friends with the media.

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