Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to create credibility

Studies show that men and women gain credibility differently.

People think men are good at what they do, but aren't trustworthy.

Since sexism is still alive and well, people think that women are trustworthy, but they don’t necessarily know what they’re doing.  

What that means for a speech and other situations where people are new is that men need to mention their wife and children.

Doing so, makes them seem human.

To be credible, women should never mention their husband or children.

If they do, they lose all credibility, immediately becoming “the little wife” or “the mother” in everyone’s mind.  

If at all possible, women should have someone else introduce them and give their credentials. 

One sentence such as "Dell Richards is the CEO of Dell Richards Publicity, which helps companies nationwide tell their stories through the media," will make a huge difference.
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