Wednesday, July 25, 2012

PR people can help plan your event

So often people come to us wanting publicity for an event that’s a month away.

Although we still can help them, it is too late to get as much publicity as we could. 

If a company gets us involved in the planning stages, we can actually use our expertise to make choices that fit the media’s needs.

If someone wants an anchor from a local TV station as a celebrity speaker, we can help them get a sponsorship to go with it. 

We also can stop them from getting celebrities from competing stations, which makes it hard to book either.

If we have enough notice, we can get nonprofit events into spots reserved for charities.  

We can also steer them away from ratings sweep time when getting press is more difficult. 

We also can advise them on website changes and collateral for the event.   

And we can set up a publicity schedule for traditional and social media.  

For more information, call us at (916) 455-4790 or go to Dell Richards Publicity at