Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Strut your stuff through pro bono work

If you do it right, pro bono work allows you to strut your stuff while branding your firm.

By having fun, we've been able to show our creativity through our freebies.

We've pitched fire troupes, ballroom dancers and Buddhist events.

We've sent the media releases on performance troupes wowing them with fire and dancers making a name nationally. 

We've sent out info on the four-ton Jade Buddha traveling the world and, most recently, the Sera Jey monks raising funds for the school in India by making a local sand mandala.

We not only received press for the events, but made a name for ourselves by having interesting projects.   

As a result, journalists usually ask what we’re up when we see them. 
And, we now represent a nationally known antiques appraiser, a concert pianist, an author and a nonprofit that develops affordable housing—as well as more “corporate” clients.

Doing pro bono not only creates good karma, but often pays off in more mundane ways, too.    

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