Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why we see blue everywhere

In the business world, blue is the color. From logos to letterheads, blue is the chosen color of most companies.

Color studies have shown that people respond more favorably to blue than any other color.

Want credibility and trust? Wear a light blue shirt or blouse.

Want people to trust your product or service? Use blue in your logo.

Blue reminds us of purity and tranquility. Think cool, clear streams or a beautiful sky.

Other colors evoke other responses:

· UPS has played up brown for the earthy, utilitarian nature of its service.
· Fast food outlets, gas stations, even supermarkets use hot colors such as yellow, orange and red to signal convenience.
· Starbucks uses green to evoke the richness and relaxation of money.
· Red evokes power. Hence, the red power tie.
· Dark colors send a message of authority.

Choose your colors wisely. They can work for—or against—you.

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