Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to kill a press release

The easiest way to kill a press release is to ignore the target.

That means not using language journalists use, but using language a professional in the field would.

If journalists smell jargon, they’ll think you can’t speak at the 8th grade level the media requires and they’ll delete the release immediately.

Jargon can be used for trade journals where technical information is more important, but not mainstream media.

Journalists are swamped and only want the basics in a release.

We constantly remind clients that you can’t tell it all in a pitch.

The purpose of a release is to plant a story idea.

Educating everyone comes later.

You present a problem, back it up with facts and offer a solution, nothing more.

If you allow your knowledge or focus to get in the way of what the producer or editor needs, you’re only wasting everyone’s time.

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