Thursday, September 18, 2008

How to raise your search engine ranking

People often ask how to get more business from their website. I suggest raising their search engine ranking.

While you can pay for sponsorships and ad spots, people ignore those. In today’s world, people want the real deal.

You have to think like the Internet, a web. It’s an entity with spiraling arms and interlinking connections. It moves outward and upward through time. Imagine a badminton shuttlecock with your site at the top—where you want to keep it as it flies through the air.

Because the Internet is constantly changing and growing, you must change your website regularly to keep up.

Have your IT people update the copy and design elements regularly.

Change your site with an ongoing blog. Use your area of expertise and blog about it. Write about it every other month, at the least. When bots search for new info, they’ll pick it up and send the site up the chain.

Target something you do that isn’t as common on the Internet. Revamp your site using that.

Use common meta tags. Try different terms. Track the results to see what works best.

When clients and customers find you through the web, ask what words they used. Stick with ones that get you the highest ranking.

It’s time-consuming, but being at the top of the heap will get you business.

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