Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why knowing the owner doesn't get press

Someone recently called who wasn’t happy with their PR firm even though they had received media at a really good price.

They said they thought they could have got one hit themselves because they knew the owners.

Not so, I said, publishers want to sell ads. The stories are the draw that pulls in readers for the advertising numbers.

Owners will sometimes say they have an upcoming feature that would be perfect, only it’s already closed.

But, they have a special advertising section for it—that comes with a hefty price.

An advertorial looks like an article except for the strip at the bottom that says “special advertising supplement”.

If the person asks about being in another feature, the publisher also could call on the “wall” between advertising and editorial.

If it’s a legitimate publication, the wall usually isn’t breached by the owner.

Even newspaper owners who don’t like what their editors create don’t interfere—as long as circulation is up.   

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