Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Writing mistakes to avoid

Do you make these common mistakes when writing? If so, think twice next time. 

Mix metaphors: “It sticks out like a sore foot” doesn’t cut it.

Randomly capitalize: Since this is very common in advertising copy, people think they can capitalize any important word. Capitalize only proper names of people, places, organizations and a few things. Capitalize titles only capitalize before the name, not after.

Bury the point. Get to it ASAP. If you don’t, no one may bother reading it.

Hide why: When you explain changes up front, people are more likely to understand and appreciate them. 

Use word you can’t justify like “revolutionary, breakthrough or unique”. The product or service rarely deserves such accolades.

Rely on jargon: Use simple words, not technical and biz buzz words. “Send” is better than “disseminate”; “use” is better than “utilize”.

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