Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What do you do when referrals backfire?

I recently offered a referral to a colleague who informed me she wasn’t impressed by “that person”.  

Rather than argue about my experience, I asked why she felt that way.

Was the person incompetent, bad at communication, slow to respond?

Did the person not do what they said they were going to do? Did they do it 

Did they do something untrustworthy or unethical?

Hearing the answers, I realized there weren’t any tangible problems, just a bad fit.

The person’s style simply didn’t suit my colleague.

While I hadn’t done anything wrong, I still felt I had to redeem myself, to make-good.

I sent the colleague’s name, bio and contact to a couple reporters—and copied her on the emails-- introducing her to people who could do more for her than a single referral ever could. 

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