Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Expected to work for free?

I had just written an article on internships when we were asked to volunteer first so the people could “get to know us and our work.”

At the meeting, I had expected to firm up details on a Request for Proposal.

While saying “yes,” I couldn’t help mulling over the irony of seeing the internship article become part of my expectations at this stage of the game.

Then the local paper had an article about a state government agency asking for bids on tech services for free.

While companies sometimes test systems through pilot projects gratis, putting it in an RFP apparently went beyond the pale.

Appalling as it seems, maybe it’s for the best.

In the past, we would have served on boards—strategizing, volunteering our services and raising funds—in hopes of getting public relations work.

At least being asked to volunteer to show our stuff is more direct and, hopefully, more efficient for everyone.

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