Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Using viral marketing to create a buzz

A new client, Paul Watts of Graffiti Renewal Services, is going to be on Shark Tank—the prime time ABC TV show at 9 p.m. August 30th.

An entrepreneur who wants financing from the show’s venture capitalists, he is willing to swim in their shark tank to get it

We’re going to handle the local media—the daily newspaper, weekly business journal, radio and TV stations.

We’re also working with him on the viral marketing: emails, blogs, facebook, twitter.

An example: He sent out an email about being on the show to his friends, family, clients and acquaintances—and the vendor who did his audition video for Shark Tank.

Seeing an opportunity, that vendor sent out the info about his appearance on the show—and his audition video—to her list of clients and potential clients who forwarded it to….

We created an event and shared it with everyone in our facebook groups, who can re-post it to their friends on facebook, who can….

We’ll also post and email out media hits as we get them.

Which is how viral marketing can be used to create a buzz from a few people—to hundreds and thousands—in seconds.

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