Friday, May 22, 2009

Websites need to tell your story

In a recent update of a law firm’s website, they wanted to capture the essence of who they are.

Most of the personal injury attorneys had pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and identified with their clients as a result.

The website did not tell that story—and it was written in a language that appealed to lawyers, not to people who had been injured.

While the attorneys were now educated—and erudite—they also were street-smart.

Because they had come up through the trenches, they knew their industry inside-and-out, especially the delays the other side would use to force the injured person to settle cheap.

The attorneys also understood the hardships the clients faced on-the-job. This empathy gave them a compassion that went beyond the usual lawyer-client relationship.

During in-depth interviews we were able to get the details of why the attorneys were so passionate about their work. This showed the fighting spirit that separated them from other law firms.

Using simple, direct language that appealed to potential clients, we were able to target the website copy to the audience.

In the process, we created a unique website that told their story and spoke to clients in an effective way.

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