Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Publicity raises website traffic

Getting media coverage is one of the best ways to raise website traffic.

Not only is the story seen, heard and read by people, but the story usually is uploaded to the media’s website, which gets an enormous number of hits daily.

In January, Brian Witherell, “Antiques Roadshow” appraiser and Witherell’s COO, had their first live, Sacramento auction.  

Because the appraisal and global online auction house rarely hold live auctions, it was covered by all major local media—The Sacramento Bee, Good Day Sacramento,  KCRA 3, Inside Publication and East Sacramento News.

Witherell also was spotlighted by the Sacramento Business Journal that week.

After the media coverage, the website got 74,222 hits in the first 10 days of that month.  

Compared to 130,778 hits the month before, that’s nearly 60 percent more hits than usual.

Business people often hear that marketing, advertising, blogging and SEO can drive website traffic, but using traditional to tell your story ups drives website hits through the roof.

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