Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Over time, PR leads to recognition

In public relations, if you beat the drum long enough, you’ll eventually hear back from journalists.

If you have a good story, you'll get a flood of queries and the interest in your client will suddenly take off.

When Mutual Housing California became for the first rental community in the nation to be certified by the Department of Energy as a Zero Energy Ready Home, we knew it was an important jumping off point.

When the local media wrote about it, a freelance journalist from the area saw it and sent a story to the subscription-only ClimateWire.

Scientific American republished that article a few days later. 

Since this past May, 18 articles have been written about the zero-net energy development and a video made on it.

Four other stories are being written, including one by NeighborWorks America, the Congressionally chartered nonprofit.     

And the list goes on… because once people hear an exciting drum beat, they want to be part of the party.

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