Friday, December 14, 2007

How to measure PR

Measuring PR is simpler than people think.

Start by measuring the number of stories placed, the number of website hits generated, the number of leads and the actual number of sales.

In that respect, measuring a PR campaign like measuring anything else.

You can also track the number of people who tell you they saw the story. For every person who tells you, there will be 100 more who also saw it.

Over time, you can also count the number of people who know your name or your face when introduced. Strangers saying “I know you, don’t I?” will tell you your campaign is working.

Measuring online presence is another avenue. Hits to your website are great, but links from media websites raise your search-engine ranking more.

Whatever you do, make sure you have a system for following up leads. It takes 12 hits to move a contact to action. Create a system for moving prospects along, not just tracking calls.

When you email or give out reprints of articles, measure the change in response from the prospect. Articles have authority. When the media writes about you or your firm that gives you a credibility that few other materials will.

Remember: People also save articles for future reference. Clients have told usthey got business from articles two, three… five years later.

A PR campaign is for the long haul. Make sure your measurements take the long-term effect into account.

If you become a media source, you can count of PR for years and years to come.

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