Tuesday, March 02, 2010

How do you get your clients?

You know what works if you track your marketing by asking new clients where they heard of you.

Because we’ve worked hard at satisfying clients in different sectors over the years, we’ve created a network of past clients who send us referrals.

Clients also come from vendor lists and websites that have our information.

Some come from this blog or articles published years ago.

Some find us on the Google, like the look of our website and call us.

A few come from people we actively cultivate and people we have asked for referrals. When business slows, we turn to friends and colleagues.

Enough business usually comes in after making a few calls, there’s rarely time to complete this ongoing list.

Does this mean we should spend more time on growing the business?

Maybe, but not necessarily.

As long as we’re satisfying our clients and doing enough marketing to keep busy, we believe enough work will come to will keep us happy—and sane.

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