Sunday, February 26, 2006

What Do PR People Do?

We are often asked what PR people actually do. Here are some of the things we do on a daily basis.

· Help clients understand what is newsworthy and what is not.
· Spend a lot of time with editors pitching ideas, sending memos and following-up with phone calls about the client, their services or products.
· Call editors to place news, business, lifestyle and feature articles in newspapers, magazines, trade journals and industry publications. Get television and radio producers to do stories on clients.
· Write articles about clients themselves, issues and innovations in their field.
· Ghostwrite columns and op-ed pieces for client by-lines.
· Do advance media publicity in association publications to maximize trade shows and conferences.
· Create, copywrite and maintain websites and website blogs, like this one.
· Copywrite and oversee email alerts, newsletters and marketing materials such as reprints of articles and brochures.
· Create fact sheets and press kits, when necessary.
· Copywrite and oversee production of print and broadcast advertising.
· Copywrite and oversee internal materials such as employee handbooks, how-tos and training videos.
· Track publication of articles, news stories, etc.
· Arrange introductions to the media for clients so they can be used as sources in future articles.
· Arrange publicity for client events such as seminars, speaking engagements and fund-raisers.

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